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Why do we organize this conference?

Nowadays, physical prevention and rehabilitation process involves an interdisciplinary relationship between professionals from different fields, forced to understand each other’s perspectives and work in a synergy for our clients’ recovery.

There is an ongoing boom in injury prevention in high-performance sports; nevertheless, clinical experience reveals a need to incorporate this professional profile into physical rehabilitation centers. Increasingly, non-professional athletes are challenging themselves in high demanding activities and competitions but without sufficient conditioning or unconcern for basic motor control alterations (push, pull, throw, walk or run). As a consequence, injury rates have increased substantially in non-professional athletes, which have not been accompanied by adequate physical prevention and rehabilitation development, especially at these levels.

Hence, there is a need to design new programs in coordination with an interdisciplinary team and adapted to people’s individual needs and specific requirements of each injury case. There is scientific evidence on the benefits and positive effects of physical prevention and rehabilitation programs, however, most of these have not been transferred to daily clinical practice due to lack of equipment, viability within the environment or the absence of a professional to put into practice this scientific knowledge.

The International Congress in Interdisciplinary Physical Prevention and Rehabilitation (IPPR) aims to raise awareness of the importance of teamwork in the rehabilitation process involving different professionals and perspectives. To this end, we will address topics such as athlete assessment, variables selection and quantification, education and intervention design. Likewise, we will debate on critical factors that impact on improving athlete’s health, performance and quality of life, especially during the prevention and recovery process.



The Alhambra and Generalife gardens.


The Cathedral and the historical center.


University Campus at the Health Technology Park (PTS).


The University of Granada’s Sport and Health Institute (iMUDS)


Tourism information: http://www.granadatur.com/

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5 reasons to attend the Conference

  • Bring scientific knowledge and research to the clinical setting.
  • Share your work and experiences with other professionals from different fields.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of interdisciplinary work.
  • Be awared of brands and companies from the sector.
  • Update your knowledge and skills.

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